About us

We are located in the very heart of the city of Zagreb, at Bogovićeva 5. The combination of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine creates a wonderful world of “Art of taste” that wants to provide every guest with the most important thing – pleasure in food.

Handmade pasta evokes memories of mothers and grandmothers in us, and their tradition is proudly continued by our chefs who prepare it every day and include it in the menu as an indispensable part of our kitchen and a top gastronomic delicacy. We produce it ourselves, from 100% hard durum wheat, with the addition of organic eggs to create an ideal fusion of pasta and carefully selected ingredients. We do not dry it, but cook it fresh, which allows us to retain the original taste, which, in the further preparation and permeation of the components, creates a fullness of smell and taste that will win you over at first.

Our pizzas tell their own story, they are characterized by a dough that is a combination of classic Napoletana and Canotta with thicker, puffy edges. Top-quality ingredients such as fior di latte mozzarella, which we source from a small family dairy near Naples, then San Marzano tomatoes, burrata and truffles, which are sourced weekly from Naples and small local producers, are placed on a specially designed dough.


Bogovićeva ulica 5, Zagreb


+385 99 222 2155